Warranty Policy

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Duratec maintenace free batteries carry a two-year warranty on all automotive batteries

The warranty will only apply with the following terms and conditions

* The battery must be returned to Battery Pro free of charge within the Warranty Term and purchaser must exhibit
   satisfactory proof of purchase of the battery. 
* Batteries not fully charged (12.6v or higher) will be charged first before a load test can be done for any claim.
* The warranty does not cover batteries that were neglected, abused, improperly used, or overcharged.
* Warranty invalid if date markings are defaced.
* Warranty is invalid if battery has been fitted to a vehicle for which it was not intended.
* Battery Pro accepts no responsibility for any consequential damage caused directly or indirectly to the vehicle or
   components within the vehicle through the failure or defect of the battery.
* No warranty for over-the-counter sales, unless the alternator is tested by Battery Pro technical personnel and vehicle
   information is verified within 7 days of battery purchased on the original invoice.
* Warranty invalid if battery is used other than for automotive application. 
* The warranty on the replaced/repaird battery shall extend from the original purchase date and not the replaced/
   repaired date.

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