Duratec Batteries

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Duratec Maintenance-Free Batteries

Duratec Batteries offer premium quality maintenance-free batteries for the Automotive, Truck, Marine, Bike, UPS and Security industries.

Benefits of Duratec Batteries

* Duratec batteries offer higher CCA’s, producing a 30% higher starting power.
* Calcium-Calcium Tin Alloy prevents surface from corrosion, reducing
    self- discharge.
* Enveloped Separator for low Electric resistance, preventing internal shorts
   between plates and giving you a reliable start. 
* Advanced center lug technology, increasing ability to resist outside impacts and
* Special Sealed cover structure, protects from acid, leaks, minimized gasses.
* Frame arrestor of pasted cured plate, prevents an inflow from outside sprarks.
* Excellent handle design, makeing transport and fitment easier. 
* Upgraded version of pated cured plate, ensures resistance to outside impact and       vibration thus improving life-cycle. 
Ultra-micro fiber & special tissue, increase durability of plates by reducing aged           rate of active material thus giving a longer shelf life.

Duratec Battery Products

* AGM Stop Start Batteries
* Gel Deep Cycle Batteries
* EFB Batteries
* UPS Gel Batteries
* Marine Twin Deep Cycle Batteries
* UPS Batteries
* AGM Deep Cycle Batteries
* Deep Cycle Batteires
* EFB Stop Start Batteries
* Lawnmower Batteries
* Motor Bike Batteries